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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vexi2 Ready

Well Vexi2 is pretty much ready. There's just the demo to put up, more documentation, and a bit of profiling to do.

Of course then the real challenge, the native builds, is up next.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Web Terminal

OSNews mentions an "AJAX operating system" called AtomicOS. I wasn't very impressed with their version of a terminal, especially when there is a far superior implementation - the JS/UIX terminal which feels much more like a real terminal.

Most AJAX / Web 2.0 applications really don't impress me. If they did I wouldn't be working on Vexi. HTML is a documentation tool, at best a presentation tool. As nice as applications like GMail have become, they'll never be able to match real GUI applications.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Future of RIA?

RIA being Rich Internet Applications. Slashdot is carrying some story linking to an article on the future of them. It covers some of the higher profile competing technologies to Vexi.

I wouldn't be working on Vexi if I didn't believe in it. With Mike having done wonders with Vexi2, and me getting my act together on the docs, widgets, and demo, we're in a good position to really push Vexi. We'll see if we can make an impact in the coming year.

The last real key to making Vexi happen is the native launcher and builds. That's where the real expertise comes in though. An activex launcher and Windows build won't happen overnight. I need to start doing some research!

First Vexi Post...

Well it falls upon me to update the Vexi demo. It's been hanging over my head for what seems like an eternity and I have procrastinated magnificently, but today I started doing.

First up was a clean up of the "text" demo tab and now it's nice and clean. Next up is cleaning up the "other" demo tab which shows off a few of the other widgets.

After that it's emailing Mike to coerce him into posting here too!